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       Linhai Ouzhong Automobile Mould Co., Ltd.founded on June, 2010. It’s one professional automotive progressive and transfer die maker. (Before move company to Linhai, the initial name is :Taizhou XURUI Precision Tooling Co., Ltd .) By using “ EURO-CHINA” this words as company new name, cause we want keep to provide our customer EURO quality but Chinese price tools. 

From company founded until today, EURO-CHINA had made more than 800 set dies, progressive die over 60%, less 40% in transfer dies. 95% of parts used in vehicle, just few parts in electric engineering and others.  For experience, we had made progressive die integrated crimping nut (Profil standard) , progressive die integrated deep drawing plus rotation cutting edge, progressive die integrate self-screw holes.  For transfer dies, we had made auto running transfer dies working on 2000 T / 1500T / 1000T /800T /630 T  and 400T in manual.  To be sure achieve same quality as European, we some condition as customer. Use hydraulic press  to do fitting and use mechanical press  plus auto-feeder to verify tools, then we provide our customer CMM report  + RCM report to prove what we done were correct.     

For international market customer, we had cooperate with: GESTAMP / MAGNA / VOESTALPINE/ MPO / ROUGER / RIPOCHE etc. For domestic market customer, we had work : VOLVO/ Shanghai automotive / GM / VOKSWAGON / BOSCH etc. Also work with local market not for automotive progressive dies.            

General information of company 4000㎡ in total  55 employees  8 classic designers  25 fitters  2 project  manager and 2 quality engineers General capacity to make tools    Every year could finish 60 set  progressive dies  and  10 set  transfer dies.

Europe and China have a number of high-quality management and technical personnel, many of them the industry elite, the most prominent backbone of the workers in the Machinery Industry Press and the Chemical Industry Press published a number of multi-station level into the mold of the monograph, In the national core journals published more than 40 articles of professional and technical papers, and domestic and foreign experts praise the mold, but also the training base for college personnel.