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Linhai Ouzhong Automobile Mould Co., Ltd.

Contactor: Mr. Jin LongZhou (GM)  

TEL:0576 85487262

E-MAIL:[email protected]

FAX:0576 85487252


ADD:  NO.1 QianYang Road, DongCheng Town, LinHai city, ZheJiang province China


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Vision: We are determined to rely on experience and technology in the field of automotive stamping die to play an important role in becoming the most recognized manufacturer of the brand.

Business philosophy: seeking fast maintenance, quality and quantity, scientific and technological innovation, win-win cooperation for the production enterprises to provide the best solution, the largest increase in production efficiency.

Quality Objectives: Customer Service Execution Rate: 100%.

Quality: quality first, the customer first, excellence, continuous improvement.

European spirit: European standard design, China ingenuity manufacturing.