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The prospect of car mold

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使命召唤ol官方连点器:The prospect of car mold

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使命召唤ol手游什么时候发布 www.hdxdh.icu Yesterday and a friend talked about the prospects of the car mold

The mold is considered to be the "basic process equipment for industrial production", and the mold industry is an unparalleled "efficiency amplifier." Molded products greatly improve production efficiency, but also save raw materials, reduce energy consumption and cost, keep products High consistency and so on. So the mold is called "efficiency amplifier".

In foreign countries, car molds are called "golden keys", into the motive force of wealthy society. "From another point of view, molds are humanized, contemporary, personalized, and creative products. More importantly, mold development , The use of mold industry, the international competitiveness of its products also increased.According to foreign statistics, mold can drive the proportion of its related industries is about 1: 100, that is, mold development 100 million yuan, can drive related industries 10 billion yuan, so , Mold industry as a sunrise industry, the prospects for the better.

Linhai Ouzhong Mold Co., Ltd. is a professional dedicated to continuous mold transfer mold and single process mold and test development design and manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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