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Progressive die

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使命召唤ol注册:Progressive die

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使命召唤ol手游什么时候发布 www.hdxdh.icu In the process of stamping, the material strip is always moving in one direction; the inner part of the mold is cut into two or more directions after the cutting of the mold is called the progressive die; the material feeding is carried out inside the mold called automatic continuous mold; In a stamping production chain with a different process of stamping die with a robot or other automation facilities, the use of mold or parts to complete the workpiece stamping die rated mold called multi-station mode.

1. Progressive die is a multi-tasking die, in a mold, can include punching, bending and stretching and other multi-channel processes, with high productivity;

2. Progressive mold operation safety;

Easy to automate

4. Can be used high-speed punch production;

5. Can reduce the punch, site area, reduce the semi-finished product transport and warehouse occupancy;

6. Size requirements of high parts, not the use of progressive die production.

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