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The working principle of stamping die

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使命召唤ol安装控件:The working principle of stamping die

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使命召唤ol手游什么时候发布 www.hdxdh.icu Stamping die is also known as the cold mold, it is the use of press pressure on the mold, so that the mold placed in the metal shape changes. From the function of the mold points are drawing die. Blanking die. Bending die. Riveting die, etc. The working principle of the drawing die is to use the same shape of the convex and concave die through the pressure plate to press the material to the metal material according to the design needs to be processed Various geometric three-dimensional products. Among the factors to be considered, such as press pressure, the elongation of metal materials, the complexity of the product geometry, the mold pressure, the mold gap and so on. Punching die has a simple single die and the structure of the complex continuous die, the main consideration is the machine pressure, die blanking force, mold unloading force, punching gap and complex shape of the structural rationality of the choice of stamping die to Europe , Please call the details of the consultation. Tel: 0576 85487262

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